Stackable Shoe Drawer Organizer Box

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Small  9.25x13x5.5inches / 23.5x33.5x14.1cm
Large 10.15x13x7.2inches / 25.8x33.2x18.3cm
Material PP Polypropylene

Our Stackable Drawer Shoes Organizer Box storage for men and women to keep your shoe collection protected from dust while keeping them easy to access.

Why Choose Our Shoe Organizer Box

 Designed by drawer, easy to store.
Easy and a great way to keep your shoes clean and tidy.
Transparent cover, clearly see the items inside, save your time.
The box back with air holes to keep ventilation with the outside and prevent the breeding of bacteria and odors in the box.
Suitable for most shoe sizes.
Saving space and stackable.
Strong bracket, withstand weight up to 30 kg / 66 lb.
Multi-purpose, suitable for storing clothes and household gadgets

Designed By Drawer 


 The bottom of the shoe organizer box is non-slip, and can be stacked, save your room space.

Air Holes - Keep Ventilation / Prevent Bacteria And Odors

Our shoe organizer box corners designed by rounded, which can effectively prevent kids and pets injury from colliding items.

Saving Space

These boxes are easy organization. Helps you save more space and keep hallways, wardrobe, closet, shelf, and floor neat and clean also can be used to store other items if you need.



    Q: How to install?
    1. Insert the terminal right and left sideboard into the backside groove. (Put the bayonet side upwards.)
    2. Insert the bottom bars into the front of the right and left sideboard groove.
    3. Press the 9 slots on the bottom of the top plate into the finished frame groove.
    4. Install the rollers into the four-wheel on the left and right sides of the bottom tray. (Put the bayonet beside the bottom tray.)
    5. Press the holes of two linkage rods into two sides of the bottom tray. (Put the spindle side upwards.)
    6. Press another of the linkage into the hole on the side of the panel.
    7. Insert the bottom tray into the shoe box.
    8. Insert the top spindle of the panel into the spindle hole of the top plate.

    Q: How many size shoes does it fit?
    A: It is suitable for most shoes, including sneakers, children's shoes, as well as high heels, leather shoes and so on. Large sizes are compatible with shoes up to 12 in size. besides, heighten shoes and high top sneakers, boots, and very high heels may not be fit. We suggest that you know your shoes are wether fit the box before you purchase.

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